Samstag, 8. September 2012

Mareeba Tag 18

G´day, today we started to work like every day at 7:30 pm. I was really annoyed about my laptop!!
Shity situation - I need very urgent a solution…
Stan and I were digging big holes  to fix the broken pipelines. The water comes from a creek nearly the farm. Every row of trees has its own big pipeline and from this, small pipelines splits up to the sprinkler of every tree! A lot of them were broken, so we had to search for the problem.
Smoko (Teatime).
After this, Vi tooks me into Mareeba to the computer shop.
I was not very happy, the technical support is available at Monday L Damn, that’s not fair!!!
So I wasted working time for my laptop. This time I´ll have to catch up on my day off (Sunday)

After lunch time I cleaned up my trailer. Amazing pic J
I need really something to do, it wasn’t possible for me to relax. Think the real working machine is back!!!

In the afternoon we  worked really hard again. It was very hot outside, for about 34 degrees in the shadow!! We finished work at 6:30 pm. I felt like a wet towel…
After eating, having a shower and cleaning dishes I was at my trailer for about 8:30 pm.
I was relaxing on my big bed, while I was watching the footy game, drinking some beers and eating some frozen mangos (best ever)
I sleept very soon, believe me J


  1. Zu hart :D Matze unsere kleine Putzfee :-*

  2. Haha, ich weiss. Find des Bild auch einfach nur zu geil :-)
    Auf des Kopftuch bin ich besonders stolz. Hab ich echt verdammt geil hinbekommen :-)